Tuesday, November 30, 2010


18"x14" oil
So my latest gig is trying to find a figure in an old piece that I don't much care for. The initial thought process is interesting. Going for figure seems to work but if I think of a particular pose or light condition it will not happen. Many alternatives expose themselves first. I'm finding that it's foolish to ignore these early exposures. When I ignore them or start them then wipe them out the new direction always fails. It seems to be true...Go with the gut.
You may or may not notice that ballerinas are apparently my figure of choice. The fact is when going entirely from imagination ballet dancers lend themselves well. People joke about tutus but they are a wonderful mass designed to accentuate the figure. Nice mass, nice line. Tonights piece was a struggle. I started out thinking sunburn. I had an Elmer Bischoff painting in mind. A low sun angle and sun blaring in the face. Alas I can't copy. Not even close. Turned out what appeared to be a cheerleader. Interesting, does he have a fascination with cheerleaders? Not that I'm aware of. Loaded brush and made the skirt bigger ....ala tutu. I wonder if she knows that she was a bowl of garlic cloves in a past life....................


SamArtDog said...

Would it help her if you call her The Stinking Rose? It takes real character to pull that off. I think she's got it.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Sam. With a tutu and a nice (m)ass I think she can hold her own. She'd be happy to hear your comment but she has no ears.