Sunday, November 7, 2010

What in tarnation am I lookin' at?

11"x14" oil
Who doesn't love an image of a backlit concrete manufacturing plant in November that is painted in a fashion that no one in their right mind or even left could possibly recocgnize it as such? ok, 99.9% of people would be about right. I like it but I'm an oddball. It could easily be read as a still life. I use the term "easily" loosely. I like multiple interpretations. I'm a Libra so there better be more than one. Arranging shapes and playing with light.........I'm a kid again.
By the way, to see this view drive or fly to Harrisburg, Pa. and park in the Troegs brewery parking lot. Turn around and if the sun's in your eyes, whammo,there it is! That's the key. Burnt retinas. But do it soon. Troegs is moving to Hershey. Ahh yes, the chocolate factory................


loriann said...

I like it a backlit Morandi.

brian eppley said...

thanks L, I thought that too after some time away from the piece. That's good company.