Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer schedule

I'm finally getting things back in order after the epic trip from Pennsylvania to California back to Montauk NY and finally back to PA. California was a blast and I had a great time painting. Competition was of high quality and I feel honored just to have been in the same event as these highly skilled artists. Here is a link to see all the paintings that were hung for the event just click all paintings on the left. Also I'll link to my website where all 4 paintings I completed can be viewed

The outdoor show season is in full swing and I have some new shows added to the list. I've been extremely busy wrapping paintings, labeling, organizing and all the other stuff that goes along with transporting paintings.

I intend to get back to painting this week and have decided to incorporate some thick juicy brushwork. I'm going to really stress directional strokes and see where it goes.

Finally, here is the first piece I did in California. I'm happy to say it has found a new home.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carmel Art Festival

My apologies fellow bloggers. I have abstained from painting and viewing paintings in the past weeks. I was intentionally building desire to peak for this competition so I avoided all things art related. It worked. I am now in California and have one day under the belt. The pent up aggression to paint is now released. I'm posting some pics of works in progress and will post more detailed images after the jurying is done. I will build a page on my website documenting the trip across this great country as soon as possible. I love California and can't wait to paint tomorrow! Cheers and I'll catch up soon on everyones work