Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lessons learned

3 6"x6" oils

Ok. So I've done the third piece in this experiment. What have I learned? More about myself than about painting. I've mentioned before my dislike of painting the same thing more than once. So I've tackled this beast four times including the big commission. The original plan(after the commission) was to do 3 studies with different complementary arrangements. The first was red-green the second blue-orange the last yellow-purple. Each monitor reads differently but at any rate I strayed with each piece. Again, what did I learn? I learned that if I approach the same subject more than once with a different objective the piece can remain satisfying for me and stay fresh. On the other hand I recognize the fact that I am a very intuitive painter. When I paint it is a meditative experience and I do indeed have inner voices that call the shots(don't worry, I only talk to them once in awhile) What I mean is there is no predetermined outcome. Each piece, no matter my intention, has it's own outcome. The artist is the vehicle for these voices to appear. Yes, I recognize that the technicians out there will say you need total control over your medium. I would answer I was never a control freak...............

the final piece in the experiment

Monday, August 30, 2010

Light Emerging

6"x6" oil

As the light becomes slightly more apparent, the boat emerges from obscurity. Even still, it rests on unknown waters. Is it even a boat? Does it matter? After all a painting is about paint is it not? Ahh, what next for this subject. Turn the screws and tighten things up? Put it in it's rightful place? Suddenly philosophy infiltrates the process. I choose to see where my next piece takes me.

The Cape show had wonderful weather and I met some great people. Next weeks show on Long Island could have a hurricane in the forecast. We shall see.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wellfleet Harbor

12"x24" oil
plein air

Since I'm off to the Cape I figured I'd post a piece I did a couple of years ago at Wellfleet.
And I'm sure a few folks saw yesterdays post and thought "What is he doing?" Don't worry. I have a plan. That piece isn't met to be a single piece. It will be shown in a set where the viewer can see work in various phases with various interests. Ideally completing a cohesive body. til next week...............

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

destroying the subject

6"x6" oil
So I tweaked yesterdays piece and started a new series. The subject I like. I've decided to do multiple color theory studies of the shrimp boat on a small scale. The goal is to destroy any attempt at an object and capture light even if one has no idea what the the light is hitting. This one was based on green red complementary colors. Ended up closer to blue orange. I've got work to do!
I'm off to Cape Cod for a show tomorrow. Won't be able to continue studies til next week. Cheers

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shrimp Boat

30"x40" oil

This is a commission that has been planned since April. A friend of mine used to live in Louisiana and I'd visit and fish in the Gulf. I had a fondness for the shrimp boats. So he found the image and I agreed to paint it. Seems appropiate subject matter considering what has since happened in the Gulf.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cat as still life

40"x30" oil
This piece was demanding. There were 2 light sources one warm and one cool. Being backlit is another challenge. Sunlight and artificial light create different temperatures. Both apply here. Reflected light adds another challenge.
I approach the piece as I would a landscape. What is necessary? Gesture is critical. Definition is not. Do you need to see feet from this perspective? Only if you're a photo realist. I prefer to let the mind find the description. Do you feel anything? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
I'm doing a soiree with 3 other artists this coming Saturday. This means I'm supplying my 3 tents and panels for us all to exhibit work. It's through the art association of Harrisburg. Come on out. I'd add a link but can't find one. Hmmmmmmmm.................Soiree is at 726 Indiana ave. Lemoyne Pa aug 21, 5-8pm

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Entering the Catskills

16"x20" oil/canvas
I've had this image in my head since February and stored on my computer just as long. I took the shot on the way to ski in the catskills and found it just wonderful. However, I felt it was too busy to be a good painting. Well it finally clicked. For those who know the area this is near the town of Fleishmans. Just as you enter the Catskills national park. I want to do the river but time is limited. And yes the studio is still insanely hot. Oddly enough, when painting I'm not even aware of temperature. While typing, it is all too apparent! Off to the Rehoboth art league show this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be reframing the many paintings that have been knicked and chipped during the many travels they have seen and wind gusts that decided they would be happier on the asphalt than on the panels. Cheers

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more midwest skies

24"x24" oil/canvas
So I'm back from my last midwest show of the year. This is again a shot coming home from Madison. It looks like others but the grouping of these pieces in person is starting to gel. I've gone back to a 3 part mix of medium. stand oil, thinner and varnish. I just needed to stir things up. Still hanging in there with the brushes. Studio is insanely hot. As I type this sweat is pouring from my skin. After all these trips away from home I have to say the Susquehanna river, 3 blocks from my house, is still one of my favorite things to view. I've taken it for granted but prepare for more river paintings soon. Lots to do and off to Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Wheeeww it's hot!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catching my breath

16"x20" oil/canvas
So I can only take photo's at night. There is glare. I like this piece I think. Will try a better photo in daylight. Off to north Chicago tomorrow for the ART at the Glen show. 90 degrees in studio again. I'm contemplating going back to knife work.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dark Side

12"x12" oil

Back from Michigan. Barely enough time to paint. Leaning toward my darkside. Palette is crusty, I'm struggling, time is limited. Next year will have to be different. I can't survive another year of such things. The work is suffering as well as myself. I find it funny when people ask how long a painting takes to complete then figure a price per hour. Please remember the education, time doing exercises, travel, booth sitting, the shear effort of dealing with galleries and show organizers, and yes PAINTING! Oh yes, what a glamorous life indeed!