Wednesday, November 24, 2010


20"x16" oil

So I swing back and forth....back and forth... brights and neutrals......brights and neutrals. Dug this one out of the last wipedown. Admittedly, I went very quickly. Much to do and preoccupations on the mind. Not painting conditions.

Side note. Went to Philly last night to pick up work and attend the Chester county artists critique. Good times. Drove home around midnight through Lancaster county. The landscape was one worth mentioning. Amish buggies with flashing taillights, Dutch Wunderland(a kiddie park) with flashing all kinds of lights, houses with Christmas lights, headlights, dashboardlights........the clincher was the amish buggy rather rapidly approaching a hitching post at a turkey hill mini midnight. Tonight on the news they mentioned the lights are now on at Dutch Wunderland. A young girl was interviewed and mentioned how the lights were "enchanting". while I drove by I couldn't help but think " these lights are blinding and totally not natural". I guess I am losing that youthful enthusiasm. I do wish I had my camera. Saw some killer amish buggies backlit by neon mall and convenience store lights. Oh yeah, the Amish don't want to be photographed. Go figure........................

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