Sunday, November 14, 2010

finding form

So as I explore the depths of my unconscious a few things reappear. Obviously, landscape dominates. I keep wanting to put in structures but keep wiping them out. Already I'm forgetting the color theory part and regressing to form. The top center piece is close to the "goal". Pushing the boundaries of color. Joseph Albers is the latest influence. Always has been but is showing up big time now. I'll be pushing the 4 colors reading as 8 next.

You may see in the bottom set I'm fascinated by giant windmills. I've done paper collage of the same subject and now they show up in paint. You may also ask yourself "why does he speak of himself in third person?" The answer "because that is how I see my "self"."

36x28 oil
as promised. Art students league work from 1999. Just for fun, here's insight as to where I'm coming from.




SamArtDog said...

The top center one works magic, and I like how marks make the wind mill. Also, it's interesting to see how more than a decade has passed, but your palette is remarkably the same.

Word verif. -- blessed
I'd take it as an omen.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

those works are so good, full of personality, congratulationd

I like the colours too so much and the light

Brian McGurgan said...

I'm enjoying seeing how these small abstract landscape studies develop, Brian - you are getting some really compelling compositions and color interactions. Great to see your paintings from the Art Students' League as well - and they do provide insight on where the interests you're exploring are coming from.

brian eppley said...

thanks Sam. It's strange. I've completley changed my starting colors yet the end result is quite similar. After my paper studies I thought the tiniest slivers gave the windmills the most life, so just knifed a quick slash. word verif.--imess. hmmmmm.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Laura. Enjoyed your photos.

Thanks Brian M. I'm having an "interesting" time with these studies. I always like to see peoples older work and compare with the new stuff. Tells a story I think.