Wednesday, March 31, 2010


3 12"x12" panels

3 12"x12" panels

So these are 2 pieces I've been working on. Both done after Moms' passing. I feel different now and the idea of thick juicy paint doesn't make sense currently. I wanted to apply thin paint and really scrub it into the panels. Perhaps getting the most out of what was left...........

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Far off horizons

As some of you know my mom has been fighting cancer for 3 years. Well she finally left her cancer filled body and moved on leaving just a shell of what was once a very spirited woman. It seems silly to say it on a blog, where pages are changed daily. And most will probably never read it. But just the same I feel I have to say it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Approaching Belleayre Mtn.

6-6" square panels
As you approach the ski areas in the Catskills you will be treated with some pastures and creeks. I really liked the light this day. These 6 paintings all fell off of my board upon completion. 2 landing face down, the others in various states of disarray. I tried to touch em' up.

Monday, March 15, 2010

pepacton reservoir

24"x36" oil/canvas

As you drive southwest out of the catskills, it is likely you'll be on county route 30. We were and for what seemed like the first time in a month, the sun was out and no clouds. The road weaves all around the pepacton reservoir making for spectacular views of the frozen lake and catskill mountains. I wish they had more pulloffs to soak in the scenery. It is truly a spectactular east coast drive. And no tolls!!! So here is a rare bluebird day painting from me. No eerie darkness, just glorious sunlight and shadow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catskills' Longhorns

30"x40" oil/canvas
Spring is approaching and I'm still doing winter livestock. This time the boys make an appearance. We saw this image just before the Catskills received their 4 ft of snow. Thats just after we received our 4ft. I purposely keep the figures vague. It's a mood scene not neccessarily a landscape.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

uptown Harrisburg, really?

14"x11" oil/canvas
plein air
There is a very interesting landscape as you drive north out of Harrisburg, PA. this is a view from north front street....almost.......The scene from the top of canvas to about 3/4 's down is generally how it appears. The bottom 1/4 in reality is a McDonalds, lawyers offices and massive traffic at rush hour. I painted it plein air but couldn't allow myself to put in the traffic and McDonalds. I've always liked the cliffs up there and they remind of the scenery out west.....but to a much lesser degree. It's like a gateway to new topography. City to country. I opted for country and manipulated the foreground. This is always an issue for me. I spent many years painting out of my head... Good art therapy. But in the last decade I get an incredibly uncomfortable feeling when "making things up". I now have goals for each and every brushstroke and a non visual approach is quite difficult for me. The minds eye certaintly should be credible information. Right? Maybe it's time for more therapy...........

I will do a large piece of this scene with the traffic. I think it could be a strong dichotomy. McDonalds however, won't make it through editing.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blue Mountain diving into the Susquehanna

12"x12" oil/canvas
plein air
Struggled big time with this one yesterday. Had a narrow timeframe to paint so wanted to do backlit blue mtn. Crazy glare with the sun in my eyes, couldn't see much. The river was hard to determine. Stuck with the original sensation I got at the scene. I liked how the mountain seemed so big. In reality it might be 1900 feet tall here. I only liked this one til about 20 minutes in. Once I was blinded by the sun I felt like it was a total fabrication I struggled to keep it honest. I almost wiped it but was too tired. A day later... I decided to post it. I still don't feel that great about it but it represents the struggles that we continue to battle day to day.....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking care of details

Being overwhelmed with things to do can unconsciously affect our work. I didn't get to paint much today. Touched up a few of the big boys for the Philly show. Started framing in the morning and just kept at it. Organized paintings for the van, loaded the van, prepared the van for some plein air work tomorrow...yippee...spent way too much time figuring out Illinois' tax crap....printed out Illinois tax crap.....doing at least 3 shows there this year so I gotta do it...the Philly stuff is done, listed and labled! As the sun sets so do I...Tomorrow work will be produced....I have a semi clear head now.....Pandora radio plays my Death cab for cutie channel and I'm gonna listen...................................

Friday, March 5, 2010

More cows

3- 6"x6" oil/canvas
Yep, still doin' em
running on 3 hours sleep and firing on 3 cylinders...back at it tomorrow.....hopefully the turbo kicks in...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The stomping grounds of James Fenimore Cooper

16"x20" oil/canvas

This is a piece I did recently. It is a scene that I see regularly as it is only a mile from our cabin in New York state. In the summer it feels remote. In the winter it feels like total isolation. That is my favorite time in upstate New York. Probably couldn't live there though. Winters are long. At any rate I'm a huge fan of James Fenimore Coopers writings and his leatherstocking tales were written about this area. I get a very alone feeling when I'm there and frequently imagine Uncas walking through the woods while I'm there also walking through the woods. I'm getting nostalgic but it is amazing what a good read can do alongside experiencing the place.......I'm still expecting to find an arrowhead someday....

More cows to come! I actually already painted another triptych. I'm busting for the upcoming Philly exhibit. I viewed the space and indeed its HUGE. I'm working on the 36 x 48's and 30x40's but these will even be relatively small. I'm putting in two little 6"x 6" triptychs. Sometimes in a huge space little things can grab the eye. The show starts in April and runs 3 months so I have to keep booth work also to last 3 months. It's hectic but exciting! More shows are a go so I'll be updating soon. Off to the framer thursday and then down to the Chester county studio tour meeting. I actually remember days that I thought "what should we do now?" There's no longer time for thinking...just doing..........