Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get out of the water!

3 6"X6" panels
Storms over water are of particular interest to me. Just did these and 20x24". Not sure about that one. I"ll analyze it more next week. Tomorrow, I'm off bright and early for the Richmond, VA show. It should be nice and warm. Almost hot. I suspect I'll be seeing some more storm clouds very soon..........

Sunday, April 25, 2010

big sky

Ok. These are all 12"x12". I got completely engrossed in these pieces. I would paint one then go and read a few short stories from Hemingways Nick Adam's series then back to painting. It has been a delightful day!


Still hard at it. I think I'm getting somewhere. By not having to travel this weekend I'm painting like a man possessed.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

towering cumulus


So I've been studying clouds. Stratus, alto stratus. cirrus, cumulus, and everything in between. Turns out, the only thing I want to paint are towering cumulus. I've always been fascinated with thunderstorms and these clouds seem to resonate with me. I do enjoy seeing layered bands of stratus preceding snow storms but these are of little interest for me to paint as are any variations of cirrus. These early studies leave something to be desired but I will get them eventually. I've had to beg,steal and borrow images. Once we get some good cloud activity around here I'll feel much stronger about producing some good paintings. I did attempt a fog painting also............. it sucked.

Thursday, April 22, 2010



I'm diving into studies of cloud types and formations. Last weekend after setting up my booth in Maryland I got caught in a wicked thunderstorm driving home. The sprinter is a high profile vehicle and 75 mph winds can make it a bit tough to drive. Trees were lying across south bound lanes on rt. 83. Good thing I was heading north! Oh yeah, I sold the grain silos painting to some very nice and appreciative people.
I painted this with Brian Eno's cd "music for airports" playing in the background. Great music that is meant to be calming yet I get a big vibe from it. If you actually watch thunderheads develop, it happens rather rapidly yet appears to be in slow motion. Such a large scale is hard to put into perspective relative to a canvas. This music fits perfectly.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the goldfish pond


This is a painting I just did of the goldfish pond my late brother and I dug for my folks. I see it everyday. I don't want to dwell on it but the emotions still run strong. To lose family members, especially early, causes one to get introspective... This piece is about energy and survival. My brother and I dug this goldfish pond as he was recovering from alcoholism rehab. It was a very hot day. The rehab didn't work but the pond rolls on. In the spring the fish find the most temperate water to suit their body temperatures. We finally have warm temps so the warmest water is on the surface. The fish migrate to the surface as their metabolism increases. They can't wait to be fed. It's as if they forgot about the last six months and are right back to their behavior from last September. They really act like pets. So hopefully with some imagination you see them too.

I'm doing a show in Timonium,MD. this weekend. Last week in Knoxville I had a great time. My allergies killed me but my friends showed me a good time and I managed to move a nice piece and won an award. Thank you Knoxville!

Monday, April 5, 2010

North Front street


This is one I did weeks ago. I posted the landscape but left out all the business stuff in the painting. So I went back and did another one, intent on putting in businesses and traffic. As it progressed I opted to leave out any sign of traffic. More of a wasteland with you know what as a focal point.....I've since tweaked it a tiny bit. Darkened the far right distant mass at horizon line.

Thursday I'm off to Knoxville, TN. for a 3 day show then back home to a Timonium Md. show. 2 week break and then on the road every weekend til October. Probably won't be posting a bunch but will be trying to paint whenever possible. It's been a busy week. The van is loaded...paintings hangers made...It's warm and I'm ready to hit the road......