Thursday, November 11, 2010

More of the same

all 6"x6" oils

Hang with me folks. These are preliminary studies with a rather large goal in mind. I haven't even got going yet. I'll post work I did at the art students league 15 years ago soon. You'll see I was playing with color then too. Albeit in a different fashion. Adding some angles to suggest landscape in these. I'm still playing with temperature and have to say I need to do better. I'm not mixing much with these. Mostly only adding white and, or mixing another primary to get orange for example. This set is supposed to be strong direct sunlight. indoor photos make these things very innaccurate. We've been blessed with great weather but I need gray light for accurate photos of the work.

This set represents backlight with only the midground being cool. I'm trying to avoid shadows whatsoever so backlighting becomes increasingly difficult. I'm shooting for the bare
minimum. It's tough to hit.
My favorite from tonight. I don't expect everyone to get this piece. It speaks to me though.


SamArtDog said...

You've got my attention. Can't wait to see more.

brian eppley said...

excellent, prepare thyself.