Saturday, January 2, 2010

rockville bridge

rockville bridge
12"x12" oil/panel

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inside the sprinter. note the propane heater. it's 20 degrees outside with a 25 mph wind blowing.

see the easel and stool. the propane heater is keeping things comfy.

Brutal wind and cold today. Looks pleasant. It's 20 something degrees with a huge wind, plus I'm along the river at fort hunter. Big wind along the river. Inside the van.... nice..... propane heater is kickin.....I'm parked so the wind doesn't enter the truck. This piece is ok but I'm more excited about future work out of the van. Come summer the van wil be full of show stuff but for now it makes a great studio!


loriann said...

The van is an EXCELLENT idea! I wish I had one! This wind is CRAZY!

SamArtDog said...

I was going to comment about your cozy setup vs. Loriann's daily sacrifice but I see she beat me to it. So I'll just say how much I admire your paintings. The cloudscapes are luscious. Also like your thoughful and often funny writing.

brian eppley said...

Yeah Loriann, this wind has been horrific. The van is incredibly appropriate. Unless you're doing a bunch of outdoor shows you're probably better off in your car. I just got the van 2 months ago and already I'm in love.I wish I was painting better right now! Did another piece today from the van. 40 mph wind on a hilltop!

brian eppley said...

Thanks Sam. I like your dog snouts and paintings. You're writings are quite good. The education of little tree is one of my favorite reads! I look forward to your posts.