Monday, January 4, 2010


persimmon 6"x6"

Ok. So what do you do when you feel like you don't even know how to paint anymore? Apparently, I go to the grocery store and buy paint.....) All jokes aside, I feel like my landscapes are getting haphazard. I strive for loose and believable but they're becoming hard to believe I feel. The weather can make it tough to concentrate as well as many other things. This time of year is tough. I usually turn to still life now and I've finally realized why. It requires total concentration. Granted my studio isn't much warmer than the van(I'm using the same propane heater in studio) but I really enjoy setting up a single object and observing the light. I imagine being an ant and crawling all over the subject noting each color change. It's a far cry from my approach to landscape but a very complementary one. I actually ripped through this one pretty quickly. I will now devote many hours to intense still life study while doing some landscape when appropiate. The next studies should prove a new dedication to observation.

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