Saturday, January 16, 2010

gearing up

The weather has become quite nice. So what do I do. Spend the day organizing show schedules, paying booth fees and applying to yet more shows. Go figure. I also setup my new project. The "Every Goliath Attempt Does Surprise" or EGADS for short.... The photo is my Beauport easel holding the 36"x48" "Ominous Sky" painting. And folks,there is room to go bigger! The palette is also a weight. 3/4" plywood 30" round. I've attached a mylar skin on the top that spins freely of the plywood giving me a very large mixing area that I can rotate. A clamp is also involved to prevent unwanted spinning. The mylar overlaps the plywood so I have something to grab and spin. I will put my slurry of primaries in the center and mix outwards.I'm sure there will be some logistical nightmares once in field. Granted this isn't a terribly portable unit but neither is a 36x 48 canvas! I did get some reference material before sunset so will attempt a studio piece tonight. In addition 2 other pieces will receive an "adjustment". The best news is tomorrow should be cold with heavy rain. Guess who's painting out of the van? Yippee I say, I've always wanted to paint a deluge. Now's the chance. Look out storm chasers...There may be a sprinter on your heels....

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