Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yellow patty pan

8"x8" oil/panel

I've been very busy framing lately and getting things organized for the solo show in Lancaster. I managed to get a study in tonight of two "Guatamalean yellow patty pan". We picked these up in NYC. I loved the shapes and had never heard of these before. Dean and deluca always have interesting things albeit not cheap. I have no idea what these are or how to prepare them. I guess they are like mini squashes. Will do a google search to find out.


Loriann Signori said...

Wow look at that surface! Brian what a play of thick and thin brushstrokes you have on this one! I am not sure what this vegetable is but you made it enticing. Tell us more about you exhibit. I will try to travel north and see it.

brian eppley said...

Hi Loriann. I just learned these are miniature squashes. I loved the shape and unfamiliar sense I got from these. I just took 30 paintings down to the gallery this evening. The opening is Friday March 6th 5-9pm. Lancaster has a first friday thing where all the galleries and shops are open. My show hangs the month of March and then I'll be showing at the Art Association of Harrisburg through april with the seven livelies group. There is a link to the Lancaster gallery in my December 20 th post. It is Parlor Gallery. GPS would be helpful as this gallery is not in the gallery row district. It is a nice space and the owner is very good guy. Website is www.parlorgallery.org

Jala Pfaff said...

Wonderfully done!! They're so cute, I just want to pick them up and spin them like a dreidel.

Yep, little squashes. Our farmer's market in the summer has them a lot.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Jala, I also looked at them like little tops. I'll bet the summer market in Boulder is fantastic. I love the mead brewery there and avery brewery is a must stop when we are in Boulder.