Saturday, February 21, 2009

Houston and Lafayette

8"x8" oil/panel

" Live from New York it's Saturday Night". Hey we have high speed in the hotel! I can blog. Arrived in the big apple and went directly to Lombardis' for some coal oven pizza in Soho/Little Italy. Liz went shopping and I set up On Lafayette street. Yep, right on the street. There were some barriers placed(I dont know why) but it made a great setup. I had great sun in 2 directions and this crazy diffused, backlit washed out sky view to the south. I chose the latter but can't say why. I think I'l regret it when tomorrow arrives cloudy. The building immediately on the left is the Puck building where I took Pratt classes years ago. It was good to be back and always interesting to paint on the street in Manhattan! Not sure how good the lighting is with this hotel light.


Jala Pfaff said...

Wow, this is so cool!!

What's it like, painting in public? Especially in NY?

Kathleen said...

Love the light and the way the air seems to just quiver with excitement.

brian eppley said...

Painting in NYC is always interesting. The Lafayette street painting was harmless. I really expected the police to make me move. They didn't. I'd say about 3 people took photos of me painting( Manhattan is full of photographers-artists looking for a cool shot). One couple stopped by and introduced their child to the process which was very cool. The next day (Sunday) I set up by the hotel on a wide sidewalk under cloudy conditions. About twenty minutes in a huge guy came by asking what I was doing. I told him and he was very gracious. He was local security. New Yorkers are great people generally. Most just leave you alone. They are very familiar with people producing art and have an interest. The most fun is to explore the local bars/ restaurants and engage in conversation.We met one incredibly interesting individual this trip and look forward to future contact!

Loriann Signori said...

Wow!!!! I love this one Brian. You established a beautiful light key. What amazing feeling!
I bet it was very cold in NYC. The wind just whips between those buildings. Brave man.

brian eppley said...

Hi Loriann. Ive been so busy framing and getting ready for the show I didn't paint today and am just catching up with the posts. The weather was relatively benign by New York standards, little wind. The cabs were the biggest threat!

Kathleen, thank you for the comment. I'm just catching up on everyones latest stuff.