Thursday, January 29, 2009

yellow tomatoes

8"x 8" oil/ceramic tile

This is the most difficult still life subject I have ever attempted! When I saw these yellow tomatoes at the store they cried out to be painted. Everything was good until I set them up and turned my artificial light on them. The edges dissappeared and there was not much more than a glow. I will say I was fascinated by the appearance but dumbstruck on how to paint them. I went with my usual routine, darks first and keep warm shadows indoors. Finish with cool light highlights. Well I'm not happy with the outcome. I think this subject should be painted in a whole new fashion. I'm going to eat these these tomatoes and then go and buy some more. The next batch will be painted with one idea in mind. Make them glow! I noticed at the bare minimum the bottoms glow orange and the tops yellow. This is a very minimilist approach but is the one I will use next time.


Loriann Signori said...

Brian, so I see your search for the glow. The tomato on the top right is my favorite. It has real volume and glowing skin. I also like the way that little tomato leaf sticks out into the "negative"space.
I can't wait to see your next one.....It's funny ... I can see you there in the supermarket and people watching and thinking... "Why is he touching all those tomatoes?" Life is funny. Loriann

brian eppley said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Loriann. This one was tough because once the light hit them it was one glowing mass. I did manipulate the stem and leaves a bit. I'll try the subject again!