Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ski Roundtop

12"x 14" oil

Well this morning took the cake. I painted this view of ski roundtop at around 8am. The view is from a field at my parents house and when I got to the house the temperature was 18 degrees f. That's after I painted. It's always colder in the fields downhill from the house. I'm guessing it was around 12 degrees with a very slight breeze and good sunlight. This is the thickest I've ever had my oil paint get. I mixed quite a bit right on my painting surface. The stuff I mixed on palette left peaks when I pulled it off. Much like stucco or icing. I wear boiled wool shoes and this was the first time my feet got chilly. Of course I was standing on hardpack snow/ice. I'm almost tired of describing the weather but this year is exceptionally cold. Spring is going to feel really good!


Karen said...

I love it!!! Oh wow the paint! I can see you you appreciate textural paint surfaces as much as I do! I love how you describe the paint as like stucco, I know exactly what you mean, and I love that texture contrasted with thinner parts. I also like that you're out there painting in the same temps we are here. :) It's really a beautiful image.

I have to say also that we drink way too many Beligain trappist ales and Bell's around here, too. We live around the corner from the Map Room ( Check it out'd love it if you ever visit here!

brian eppley said...

Thanks for the kind words Karen. I checked out the Maproom website. Nice selection! If I ever get to Chicago I definitely will check it out. It's nice to find another belgian beer fan and plein air painter. Wishing you warmth, but it probably is a bit far off.

J.R. Baldini said...

Nice one, Brian.
When it's that cold, I often end up using the painting knife to get the paint to move.
Gets a bit like construction adhesive, sometimes.

brian eppley said...

Thanks for visiting J.R. Love your work and wish to do more with IPAP. It's tough working a job and finding enough time to paint. The construction adhesive reference nails it. No pun intended. The stuff just sticks and sticks. Happy painting!