Wednesday, January 14, 2009


28"x32" oil

Here's one from the archives. I did this one at the Art Student's League Manhattan in Daniel Dickerson's class. It's from a photo and was back in the day when I used brushes. This painting looked very different about ten minutes before I called it quits. I was so frustrated I decided I hated the painting and took out my trusty palette knife and scraped the whole canvas. Voila, it looked better already. With a little highlighting via a finger, a knife and a brush I decided to stop. It felt like a success. So oddly enough my first epiphany with using a palette knife wasn't about application, rather it was about reduction. Sorry about posting old pics (1998 ?) but I like seeing artists progressions and maybe somebody else does too. Just a side note, I believe Daniel is still instructing. He must be 90 years old by now. I remember a student asking him if he showed in galleries and he said " maybe when I grow up". I bet he still doesn't! Interestingly enough his work is in museums.

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