Monday, August 2, 2010

Dark Side

12"x12" oil

Back from Michigan. Barely enough time to paint. Leaning toward my darkside. Palette is crusty, I'm struggling, time is limited. Next year will have to be different. I can't survive another year of such things. The work is suffering as well as myself. I find it funny when people ask how long a painting takes to complete then figure a price per hour. Please remember the education, time doing exercises, travel, booth sitting, the shear effort of dealing with galleries and show organizers, and yes PAINTING! Oh yes, what a glamorous life indeed!

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5.5 9.9 said...

Brian, When answering how long a painting took to do, answer with the number of years you have been painting! Most people have no idea how difficult it is to paint and end up with something worthy to hang on a wall. I've been in enough painting classes where the participants think a gorgeous painting only takes 30 minutes and they'll walk out with a masterpiece. Hey, they see it on TV all the time!