Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lessons learned

3 6"x6" oils

Ok. So I've done the third piece in this experiment. What have I learned? More about myself than about painting. I've mentioned before my dislike of painting the same thing more than once. So I've tackled this beast four times including the big commission. The original plan(after the commission) was to do 3 studies with different complementary arrangements. The first was red-green the second blue-orange the last yellow-purple. Each monitor reads differently but at any rate I strayed with each piece. Again, what did I learn? I learned that if I approach the same subject more than once with a different objective the piece can remain satisfying for me and stay fresh. On the other hand I recognize the fact that I am a very intuitive painter. When I paint it is a meditative experience and I do indeed have inner voices that call the shots(don't worry, I only talk to them once in awhile) What I mean is there is no predetermined outcome. Each piece, no matter my intention, has it's own outcome. The artist is the vehicle for these voices to appear. Yes, I recognize that the technicians out there will say you need total control over your medium. I would answer I was never a control freak...............

the final piece in the experiment

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