Wednesday, December 8, 2010

shifting gears

20"x24" oil
Bumping up canvas size. Allowing wiped out sections to show. Using knife and brushes. Expressing and listening to the painting and other things. Working from observation but allowing incidentals. In fact, inviting them.

If you don't like jazz skip this. If you like smooth jazz...skip this. If you like hard core hard to get jazz....grab a chair and a drink... the next 20 minutes will be right up your alley. Keith Jarrett(piano) is the epitomy of creative spirit. I approach painting the way he approaches music. There's a build up(5minute intro) short solo... sax guy solos.... Keith goes crazy with the finish. Bass brings it home. This is an example of a session. Could just as easily be a painting session. Oh yeah, he gets his body into it. Very important...........


SamArtDog said...

First you stopped mixing paint, then you wiped out the herd with that strong diagonal. I noticed they keep reappearing. They're a great tactic. They're a highwire and you're walking it. Jazzy as Jarrett.

brian eppley said...

Thank Dog for nets!