Sunday, December 12, 2010

rested figure (gesture)

11"x14" oil
I must be an introvert. I'm totally taxed after 2 days of socializing. Had fun but am drained. Delved into figure again and am happy to see the result is as loose as the last town scene. Things are interesting.
These are the best musicians you've never heard of. Based in bluegrass several have moved onto classical. These guys thought outside the box. Incredible!


SamArtDog said...

Isn't that Bela Fleck on the banjo? 'Course they're outside the box. Beautiful piece. This figure painting ain't bad either.

brian eppley said...

Indeed Sam. Thats the flecker. Sam Bush on mandolin, jerry douglas dobro, mark o'conner violin- Check out the youtube clip of "slopes" for a great guitar solo from Mark, edgar meyer on upright bass. These guys loved the Telluride festival and played it what little while they were together. All still very active in different venues.

Thanks, I like the figure. No one else did the other night though. I'll find her an audience.