Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter River

I'm testing some new ideas. Unfortunately, I only had my ancient camera today to take still shots during painting. The quality of images is poor but I'm more concerned with figuring out the programming. Basically, I did a triptych and posted the first one in action on youtube. I should note for the last 2 years I only play Vivaldi's 4 seasons while painting in studio. I must upload that somehow. This symphony is good however. Merry Christmas and all that good stuff..............................



loriann said...

I love your colors in this one. The glassiness of the water is quite beautiful. Unfortunately I had some problems watching the video. It could be due to my connection out here (somewhat erratic and weak.) I will look at it later.
Merry Christmas Brian!

brian eppley said...

Thanks Loriann. I've posted the youtube version to compare. My current camera isn't very good. I'm working on the tech. stuff.Hope you're enjoying California! You're works look great.