Thursday, December 31, 2009


35"x25" oil/canvas
Here is one of the entries for the figure show at AAH. It's not the one I worked tiredlessly on last night. More on that later..... Also, stay tuned. I'm rigging the Sprinter van up this weekend to be a travelling studio. Plein air painting out of a van. Just open the side or rear doors-pull up a chair and go! Cheating? perhaps. It will be the worlds most expensive umbrella. Off to David Oleski's place for New Years Eve. Those 60"x84" apple paintings have to seen in person to be believed. He's on my link list for a view. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! pray for a good stock market. It helps the art market

P.S. some of this years shows are lined up already. I'll be updating in a few weeks.

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