Wednesday, July 29, 2009

susquehanna summer

16"x20" plein air

plein air

I had to get back to the river for some plein air work. I've been doing alot of studio work and will now be doing even more. I'm exhibiting at Martin Sacks in Linglestown PA. September through November. I just talked to the organizer and she said they have big walls so bring big work. I'll be checking the site this week to see just how BIG. As I've mentioned I'm doing larger scale work for the outdoor shows and they are about to really kick in for me. I'll be showing practically every weekend from mid August through early October. I've also been asked to exhibit in a 3 person show at Lynden gallery, Elizabethtown PA. The theme is 3 different styles from 3 direct observation painters. More on that show as the details get ironed out.

The posted paintings were both done yesterday. The horizontal first the vertical second. I was very focused with the first one and very happy to be back in a familiar spot painting. The second painting had less light and I stuggled to find form in the tree mass. The sky began to grab my attention. The humidity was extremely high so the variations in value were diminshed and with the decreasing light the scene was almost flat. I mixed colors on my palette and added straight stand oil right onto the palette mixed in with colors. I used knife to apply then brushes to orchestrate the arrangements. The focus put into painting one affected me in painting 2. I got a little sloppy.


David Oleski said...

fantastic, great job.

loriann said...

Congrats on all your work Brian.You have become a work horse!
I love the first painting because it FEELS like the river and the day. You beautifully changed your type of stroke for each type of area; making it read well, but not artificial. Nice.

brian eppley said...

Thanks David. Thanks for all the help and good luck in Norwalk. See you at Rehoboth.

Thank you Loriann. I shouldn't have even attempted the second painting. I was drained. The 16x20 sizes are pretty tiring. It does show the level of concentration needed.
Speaking of work horses. You take the cake! Great postings from your recent trip.