Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Los Laureles Lodge

48"x36" oil

Here is a large painting (for me). The outdoor shows are conducive to big paintings. I dug out an old figure painting to cover with some fresh paint. The subject is Los Laureles lodge in Carmel Valley. Our favorite place to stay in the valley. This is from studies during a stay there several years ago.

I knifed in the darks first. After most darks were in I had to establish sky. Painting over paintings is incredibly interesting for me. To try and establish values with this old painting screaming out makes me dig deep. To see a person vanish into a landscape is quite intriguing.


Janelle Goodwin said...

I've enjoyed watching your painting morph over the summer. It's quite amazing and different from last winter, I think. (Although I really liked your other paintings too!) I'm especially drawn to the bush in front - lots of texture!

Jala Pfaff said...

Almost surreal, at the point where the lanscape takes over the figure. Perhaps a new direction for the future?

brian eppley said...

Thanks Janelle. I'm not sure my work has changed too much. When I started blogging last year I did a bunch of small still life in the winter. The plein air was all knife and I am back to incorporating brushes now. I see my old tendencies creeping in now that I'm back to brushwork and studio work. The studio pieces seem to try to tell a story. The small plein air stuff is all about light. I'm happy you're following along!

brian eppley said...

I don't know..Jala. My directions seem to find me other than me finding them. For a long time I painted over paintings and found that intensely satisfying. When I went to knife work no more painting over paintings. Too much texture. I'm now going for texture with brushes, hence the stand oil.I just happened to have these large old brushworks that I could use for big new work. The Louvre painting was done over a male nude so I'm not biased as to who I turn into a landscape!

brian eppley said...

My apologies for the poor grammar. I meant " as to whom I turn into landscapes"