Sunday, April 5, 2009

Susquehanna evening

6"x6" oil/panel

I was able to get to the river at sunset. And I mean sunset. I had about 20 minutes to get a representation. Painted very quickly and went with a tiny panel knowing my light window was minimal. The only warmth was the sky so I made that predominate along with a bit of warm reflection on the water. The computers may or may not do justice to the colors, I can't tell. But I will say the variations in real life are so subtle that I doubt my photography skills are up to par with the paintings. In fact my paintings aren't up to par with the scene. This is the best I can do currently and am inspired to improve with these lowlight scenes.


Loriann Signori said...

I love your square/river focus. The square sets up such a different dynamic and tension. Exciting stuff.

brian eppley said...

Welcome back. What a trip you had!
Thanks, I'm really liking the square right now. Will introduce some new color as the river could be interpreted as land with the current palette. Tomorrows another day.

Janelle Goodwin said...

I can see the essence of the places you've been painting lately, Brian. There is a certain freshness in your work. Very interesting!

Kathleen said...

I'm sending you a bloggers award for Passion in Painting ...When you get a chance check my blog!

Karen said...

I really like how you put that...that it's the best you can do currently...I tell myself that and it's a relief, because it leaves the door open (rather than slamming it shut with a 'it's not good enough'). Well said.
And, well painted. I'm liking the low light. The previous post and this one have a wonderful subtlety to them.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Janelle, it is always interesting to me and I'm happy that it's coming through.

Kathleen, thank you for the award and I will respond soon. Currently, my car broke down and I'm preparing for shows. I'm trying to fix the car(major struggle)and havent painted again in days. Wish I could stay more up to date.

Karen, Thanks for that. It just kind of came out that way but that is how I felt. I'll be checking your new stuff soon.