Monday, April 27, 2009


6"x6" oil/panel

Well the studio tour is now over and the remaining paintings are back home. It was an absolute gem of a weekend! Felt like summer and we all set up our booths alongside David's pond/lake. With some mature conifers providing shade and the close proximity to the water, conditions were fantastic. Not to mention the fact that David's wife supplied endless traditional Thai food for the whole weekend. The artists and viewers were well taken care of!

There were very few slow times, but when I had the chance I kept working at a little painting on site. I can't say this is a terribly focused painting. Between watching the schools of fish swim by and keeping an eye on the booth I just kind of had fun with this one. It was warm and green things were rapidly appearing.

I'll soon be getting caught up on what everyone's been up to.

Enlarge this one and try to find the Chester County bugs within the paint. There are several sacrificial critters that got a little too close.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Will you charge extra for the bugs? I'm glad you had a great experience at the exhibition. Thai food - yum!

loriann said...

I really like this one feels so spring- like, early morning. Sounds like your weekend showing went well. Wish I could have stopped by! Maybe next year.

brian eppley said...

No extra charge. They're like a free topping on a pizza. Bonus!

Thanks. It's funny because this painting had 3 incarnations. The first 2 were completely different. I had mostly sky showing on the panel because I started it before the sun reached ground level and the only real "warmth" were some clouds catching sunlight. As the day went on I preferred this perspective but did try to get morning light condition.
If possible try to make it next year. There is talk of possibly changing the dates.I see you were in a beautiful place the weekend so we all had a good time.

loriann said...

I guess you must have really held that light.
I will try to make it next year...let me know ahead of time, ok?

Jala Pfaff said...

Nice color work. Protein included.

neetzy said...

Wonderful paintings. We must be neighbors! I love the Susq river, the Conewago Creek, the Yellow Breeches. Feels like home. Did you study with Andriulli?

brian eppley said...

Small world neetzy.
I too love the local waterways. I'll check your blog for more info. You must be close by.
I did not study with Andriulli, however I never miss his openings. He is a great painter and an influence.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Jala.
paintings have to eat too.

Yes Loriann,
I will let you know

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Bugs add nice texture ;-)
The studio tour looked like a great event - super collection of talented artists..