Sunday, October 10, 2010

the flu sucks

3 6"x6" oils on panels

So I spent 3 days running through the woods of upstate New York chasing turkeys in the rain. Yes I eat them. Came home with a sore throat. Woke up with the flu. Barely could stand up for a few days. No energy to raise a brush. Today I finally limped into studio highly medicated. Did these 3 pieces. Go figure, the weather is nice and I still can't go out. At any rate things seem to be improving. These are loose, maybe too loose. Still trying to get my act together.


SamArtDog said...

I like these paintings, even if they look a little under the inFLUence.

Sorry you got the flu. But don't blame the turkeys, and don't blame the rain. Don't even blame upstate New York (tho' I still do for getting sick as a you-know-what there one nasty November).

Eat turkey. Feel better.

Katherine Josh said...

Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got sore throat.

You can access info online @

Janelle Goodwin said...

Please get some rest, Brian. Sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered (and maybe some chicken soup). Love the paintings!

brian eppley said...

Hey Sam, I blame no one or thing. It happens. I had a blast up there.

Hi Katherine. I'm all for alternative meds. Will look into it.

Good to hear from you Janelle. My obsessive compulsive disorder makes it hard to rest. The flu however put me down. I'm recovering and working. Thanks for the well wishes! Indeed, soup helped.

loriann said...

I like these paintings Brian...when you were under the inFLUence your did not have the patience to muck about. They are crisp and direct. I especially like the last one. Take care!

brian eppley said...

Hey Loriann. Yes things happened even more rapidly than normal. It will be interesting to look back years from now and see just what were we producing!