Sunday, October 17, 2010

fall foliage

30"x40" oil
I had a bunch of paint on the palette and did not want to waste it. To be honest I struggled with a subject to paint. It reminds me of athletes that have to perform even on their off days. It felt like one of those days. You have to step up whether you like it or not. So I went big again. Contrast in edge work is significant. Below is a book that I find amazing and recommend for anyone who appreciates painting.

This book showcases a group that predates William Wendt and Diebenkorn. California colorists that sum up painting better than I could ever do. I wish my artist statement could be as well described as this groups. Here's a quote from the book that Wayne Thiebaud coined..,"the issue of transposition, where the painting always stays a painting, but there is this kind of duplicity of both being paint and material at the same time, sort of a simultaniety of variables. For instance, When Gile is painting a tree. yes it is clearly a brushstroke, but it's a brushstroke that periodically right in the middle of its being a brushstroke turns into a branch. It is that capacity and propensity for the paint to become the actual objectification of materials that I think are quite extraodinary."


SamArtDog said...

Happy belated! Your b'day painting beautifully makes Thiebaud's point about paint becoming a branch. The larger I made the image, the more obscure it became. How cool is that?!

brian eppley said...

Thanks Sam. Yes, this what intrigues me most about painting. I suppose it's like atoms making up matter. Up close is one thing....given a distance it becomes something else entirely. A great metaphor for life I think.