Wednesday, July 14, 2010

self perception

24"x24" oil/canvas
Ok. I'm at a tough point. I can't gauge the work that I'm doing. The schedule is probably to blame. While painting I am still completely focused. The instant I stop, the schedule is my main focus. I'm excited about some of the upcoming shows but I've learned it's not beneficial to be excited....leads to dissapointment. My paint appears to be thinning as I feel rushed, yet I feel I must continue painting. In a way, it's self therapy. Learning ones own reaction to circumstance can only be helpful. So bare with me as I continue to stretch my faculties and see what the outcome will be. This has happened before and I've put work away only to realize later that it wasn't horrible after all. Or at least salvageable............Off to Westport CT. this weekend. They were kind enough to feature me in the show advertisement so I want to live up to expectations. I will paint again before leaving and will post the piece no matter what the outcome is! Cheers


One Step Away said...

Fun to see an art show in Westport. Going to NYC on Saturday but on then to Westport for the rest of the weekend to see friends and family. Lots of great places to paint in that town and will be doing that on Sunday. Will try to find some time to run by that art festival.

brian eppley said...

Hi Steve. I hope you can make it to the show. There will be quite a few painters there. Have a good time. I wish I could paint there, but I'll be manning the booth.