Saturday, April 24, 2010

towering cumulus


So I've been studying clouds. Stratus, alto stratus. cirrus, cumulus, and everything in between. Turns out, the only thing I want to paint are towering cumulus. I've always been fascinated with thunderstorms and these clouds seem to resonate with me. I do enjoy seeing layered bands of stratus preceding snow storms but these are of little interest for me to paint as are any variations of cirrus. These early studies leave something to be desired but I will get them eventually. I've had to beg,steal and borrow images. Once we get some good cloud activity around here I'll feel much stronger about producing some good paintings. I did attempt a fog painting also............. it sucked.


loriann said...

Love your clouds ...their variations are exciting. Can't wait to see all of them!

brian eppley said...

Thanks Loriann. I'm excited with this subject.