Monday, March 8, 2010

Blue Mountain diving into the Susquehanna

12"x12" oil/canvas
plein air
Struggled big time with this one yesterday. Had a narrow timeframe to paint so wanted to do backlit blue mtn. Crazy glare with the sun in my eyes, couldn't see much. The river was hard to determine. Stuck with the original sensation I got at the scene. I liked how the mountain seemed so big. In reality it might be 1900 feet tall here. I only liked this one til about 20 minutes in. Once I was blinded by the sun I felt like it was a total fabrication I struggled to keep it honest. I almost wiped it but was too tired. A day later... I decided to post it. I still don't feel that great about it but it represents the struggles that we continue to battle day to day.....


SamArtDog said...

Thanks for the honesty and thanks for not wiping it out. The lesson in there is more than worth saving.

P.S. I'm loving my cows.

Jala Pfaff said...

Good job under bad circumstances. I do feel the monumental-ness of the mountain.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Sam, glad the cows are keeping you happy.I'm sure that they are happy also.

Thanks Jala, the light is kicking my butt currently. Did a plein air this afternoon but can't get a grip on it yet either. Again, part of the composition was made up and I feel credibility is lost, AArrghhh