Thursday, February 18, 2010

morning light 3

6"x6" oil/panel

Third in the series. I'm heading to upstate New York tomorrow (Otsego County) to collect even more cows in snow material. Believe it or not the snow is so deep here it's hard to see the cows! I'll be there all weekend and maybe get in some skiing. No internet though so no posts. Interesting side note, today got above freezing...The garbage collectors took the week off...everyone put out their garbage last week....garbage cans were placed on uneven snow piled surfaces....snow began to melt albeit not much....enough to change leveling dynamics....garbage cans fell over...the snowscape road scenes are now looking like the leaning tower of pizza boxes roadscapes...not so different than any other garbage day but the cans are all full...make that partially full...I've seen how the crews pick up spilled garbage on a normal day... should be interesting... Maybe Mondays predicted snow will cover the spilled garbage and we'll have another beautiful winterscape...and perhaps collapse a few more roofs. The country side really is fantastic right now!


loriann said...

Isn't early morning light doesn't yell for attention like sunset. Three nice studies. Have fun in NY. Skiing and cow painting, what more could a man want?

brian eppley said...

Yes Loriann. I love that light. Back from New york I need to to get crankin in the studio!