Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cows at the trough

30"x40" oil/canvas

Back from a weekend of cross country skiing at Gilbert Lake state park and some downhill at Bellayre Mtn. in New York state. I took a bunch of photos and made color notes in the wonderful countryside that is upstate New York. Found some cows close to was supposed to be partly was I have more cows DURING snow stuff.... as we headed towards the catskills the sun came out and blessed us with some unbelievable scenery. Those scenes, the camera can't do justice and I know the after the fact painting couldn't either. So I'll stick to composition and massing and leave the postcard stuff for postcards..........


Dana Chabino said...

WOW! Really nice painting! I love the subdued colors in this one!


brian eppley said...

Welcome and thanks Dana!