Monday, June 22, 2009

More Rocks

12"x12" oil/panel sold

I did another knife block in, then pulled out the brushes. While knifing in I felt good about the process and the painting was developing loosely and believable. I left the lightest values white and the painting was almost good enough in my eye albeit more as an abstract than a representational piece.

I pulled out the brushes and immediately found myself tightening up. Not good. I found myself trying to paint individual characteristics within the rock formations. I was attempting to use the brushes to draw. Again, not good. I'm better now at getting over these hurdles thanks to so many years of knife work. I quickly adjusted and went to the proper mindset. KILL. keep it loose larry.

Off to the cape soon. The weather there has been horrid so I've delayed my arrival time. Probably only be able to paint 3 days


Jala Pfaff said...

How about "KIBB": Keep it blocky, Brian.

brian eppley said...

yeah, that works Jala. nice kitten by the way.