Monday, June 8, 2009

9"x12" oil/panel

Had a bit of a breakthrough tonight. Tried applying all paint with the knife and then moving it with the brushes. I attempted this with the same subject as I did last post just a smaller canvas. Disaster! I've mentioned before if I do something once I rarely do it again. This proves monumental in painting, for me. In this case it was only subject matter but apparently that is enough. I wiped it down about 45 minutes in. I took a deep breath and looked at my other studies from California. I decided to attempt the same process but with a new subject. I immediatly felt better and could see the painting in my head. It seems once I've burned an image in my mind and created a work from that image I find it very difficult to do the same image in another fashion. This new work felt good from the start. I mixed all colors first for the massing in, applied via knife and felt I could have finished the piece as such. I am working towards doing large plein air work-over 30 inches- so the idea of knife application seemed a bit difficult to negotiate and I will still have to contend with this mixing dilema. ( need a huge palette). Anyhow I'm posting the block in and finished piece.

I feel the last post, although painted "loosely" feels tight. I concentrated on the brushwork but I am most interested in paint. In fact I have said for me painting is all about the paint. I got away from that idea and need to get back to it. I still am most interested in how artists can manipulate paint, myself included. I think this latest piece is a good direction and incorporates both knife and brush.


Melinda said...

I've just discovered your blog and am impressed with your process. I have started out with brushes, hated the result, finished with palette knife. Now, it's okay to begin with brushes, or knife, as long as the result is successful. Why not mix it up a bit, yes?

Your painting has good energy and movement. Looking forward to seeing where you'll go with this.

loriann said...

Nice Brian and congrats on the revelation. Feeling good from the start of a painting is essential... there's no digging from the grave (if you'll pardon the expression.) If the start isn't good I always just wipe it down.
Painting really big en plein air is a BIG challenge...but hey, why not? I have been thinking the same way lately.

Jala Pfaff said...

Love the strong composition. Glad you're still experimenting. I am too.