Monday, March 30, 2009

Windy River

8"x8" oil/panel

I walked out my front door and thought, hhmmmmh a pretty nice day. Two blocks later I arrive at the river. A consistent 20 mph wind and bright sun. Both in my face. My eyes were watering to the point I had to remove my glasses and find some clean cloth to wipe them.(There is always a chance I have oil paint on my hands so I try not to use them directly for wiping my eyes).

Set up sitting on a park bench facing north. Wind and sun brutal. I've recently been holding my panels in my left hand and painting with my right. This way I don't need an easel. It feels very free and few people come around to watch. I just sit down and paint. So I did this one in a very uncomfortable state of being. I stuck to it and changed very little back in the studio. It is a raw piece done on a raw day! The spring green grass is very deceiving. It didn't feel like spring.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Brian, The vitality is obvious in your brushstrokes and color choices. It's a wonderful painting!

Kathleen said...

I like that hands on approach with small paintings. Theres an intimacy that is present with a small canvas and holding the canvas enhances it.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Janelle. I like your term vitality. That captures how it felt while doing it. The wind is my least favorite weather condition, but the sun was out and I wanted to paint.

Yeah Kathleen, I don't know I never tried it this way before but I'm liking it. Just grab the paintbox and panel and go. Stuff some paper towels in pocket. You're right, it does seem to be a more intimate experience painting this way. Do you also hold panels while painting?

Jala Pfaff said...

It's lovely.

How do you hold the wet painting in your hand?

Loriann Signori said...

A little gem Brian. I can feel the wind and rawness of that crazy weather, but still the intimacy of the scene draws me in. A beauty!

brian eppley said...

Thanks Jala.
I just hold the panel and don't paint where my thumb is blocking the panel. When done I use a finger and smear some paint to cover it. Then carry it only touching the bottom. Whammo

Thanks Loriann.
I'm glad you get the feeling of the day. It's important to get that across and again thank you for "getting" it.

Jala Pfaff said...

Man, that (the way you hold and then carry your wet painting) sounds like a disaster waiting to happen (for ME). I don't think I'll be tryin' that any time soon.

Brian McGurgan said...

I love the light here, Brian, and the feeling of a crisp windy day. Out of curiosity are you using flexible or firm palette knives? I like very much the feeling of oil paintings where knifes have been used instead of brushes. After reading Bill Creevy's excellent book on pastels, I've begun using my painting knife to press down pastel dust in places and to scrape away and adjust strokes I've made. Mine is a flexible steel painting knife that seems well suited for this.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Brian.
I use a tapered spatula style knife that is flexible. About 1 1/2" blade. I'll have to check your work and see about your style. Sounds very interesting.