Sunday, January 8, 2012

3rd street and Herr

30"x40" oil/linen
A scene from right around the corner from my house. Keepin' it loose.
A thanks to Sam at Samartdog blog for nominating me for the Liebster blog award. I'm doing my best to follow rules but that ain't gonna happen. Go to her website for details. Thanks again Sam, I think you you know my take on these things. I'm a party pooper.


SamArtDog said...

I like how the loose light in this one slides right around the corner.
Thanks for the mention, pooper. Look to see that I commented back to your comment. The whole award thing is pretty much hard to take.

brian eppley said...

Hey Sam. I pushed the light in this one. I liked the bright underpainting and when I was half way in I said...nuff!