Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oxford Pier

20"x24" oil
A very loose interpretation of an Oxford pier. I can't stand this one but Liz liked it and said post it. I'm tiring of this blue phase. Will try a set of 3 small ones tomorrow and change palette. There was a great light in this scene and I have yet to get it.


loriann said...

so your blue period is over? How did your event at Easton/Oxford go?

brian eppley said...

Can't say it's over but I'm getting to used to seeing it. I'm about to attempt a trial triptych and play with the color a bit.
Oxford was fun and had a great preview party on Friday. Unfortunately sales were down and I only had genuine interest on Sunday afternoon. She was torn between my cows in snow or Wil Williams boat painting. She chose Wils. I did meet some people who are future prospects for the studio tour. All in all I'd do the show again. Next year they best not do the raffle ticket thing to win a painting. This can kill sales because people assume they might win one for a few bucks.
Hope your enjoying frostburg. Beautiful area and I see it didn't take you long to get to work. Well done and best wishes for a good show. Happy Painting