Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a new horizon

40"x30" oil/canvas
So here is a new one based on the old one. Try as I may I refuse to do the same thing twice. It's more like I can't do the same thing twice. It feels like some entity is trying to kill me when I try to match color...light...composition... same idea...etc... Every piece has to be new. It has to develope from some new part of my psyche. The subject is simply a vehicle to get to a new place in my developement as a painter. Yes, the last one was warm with a fair bit of cad yellow to achieve green water. I liked the idea then. Different tangent now. Perhaps the fact that I tanked at the Scarsdale show has left me scarred and a bit blue. So be it. My paintings are a reflection of my life. I'm off to the next show this week in Chicago. Yipppeee. Those folks know painting and I can't wait to set up for an appreciative crowd.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I like so much the sky ... congratulations

brian eppley said...

Thanks Laura!

Jala Pfaff said...

"fake lips and boobs crowd"...hee hee...sure you aren't talking about L.A.? (from what I hear)
I'm exactly the same way with the can't-repeat-myself. Just doesn't work. I like how you put it.

brian eppley said...

Hey Jala, I guess I shouldn't stereotype a demographic but it's what sticks in my head. There were some art smart folks there. What was I thinking alienating a possible audience? Rest assured they'll walk past me 99% of the time.I need to see what you've been up to. My schedule is truly insane! It's hard to stay up to date with everyone.