Wednesday, November 11, 2009

flow and obstruction

6"x6" oil/board

I've been preoccupied lately with the idea of thought patterns and wellness of being. I attended a seminar years ago that addressed the issue of: our thoughts and the relationships of our thoughts on our health. Most of us have preoccupations of some sort with a particular issue. These preoccuopations manifest within the body. Certain preoccupations manifest at particular spots within the body.

Ok, I digress. The ancient greeks treated health as a lifestyle not a chronic disorder. How many chronic disorders do we all have now? How many people call art a health pursuit? Yes, people died from plague, malaria.... but not everyone was treated for a lifetime disorder in the "old days".

These 3 paintings represent my attempt to confront this issue. There is a current blockage of positive energy flow. The creek represents the flow and the few out croppings are the blockage. I'm working towards a dam break!


Brian McGurgan said...

I like this series of small paintings, Brian. There's a nice abstraction of form here and the dynamic energy and tension you're thinking about comes through well. Nice theme, too. I'm relieved that my wife is not worrying so much lately about weight gain and loss and is thinking now more about her overall health and well-being.

brian eppley said...

Thanks Brian. Glad to hear your wife is focusing on well being. There is a real break from common sense these days and it's hard to keep the simple things in perspective.