Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Spaces

36"x48" oil/canvas

36"x48" oil/canvas

When I heard that the business I will be displaying some paintings at has large walls.... I went to work. After viewing the space I see I was a bit ambitious. That's ok. I'm working on some smaller complementary pieces for the conference room. I'm posting the first big ones today(which will be going to the outdoor shows) and finishing the second smaller one tonight. These are grown up versions of smaller plein air pieces as will be the next two.


Brian McGurgan said...

Powerful compositions, Brian - I like both of these very much. Seeing them in life in such a large size must be really something. These successfully retain the immediacy that's so appealing in your small landscape studies. The river paintings are beautiful as well.

brian eppley said...

Thanks, Brian M.
Yeah,they're pretty substantial in person. They should liven the booth up at the shows.
It's a good challenge to keep the bigger works loose. Gets the whole body involved doing large gestural work.