Wednesday, December 24, 2014

 40"x 30" oil

40"x30" oil

So pretty much I paint on Christmas eve. No kids and the family has moved to the other side. These latest pieces were just completed. I did them from my imagination over old work of mine. I had an epiphany tonight that made me think these imagination pieces are more about "self" than any observation work could be. I use to think the only honest work was done from observation but am questioning my own theory. On top of that is picking pieces to paint over. Plein air work is intense and rewarding but is from observation after all. So my question is what do you all feel is most important in your artistic endeavors ? And keep in mind memory painting is still based on observation.


David Oleski said...

I believe we transcend self through observation, yet there is another aspect of transcendence that results from an immersive experience. Working from imagination is no less of an immersive experience than acting through purely literal and visual terms, as in "see a still life, and paint the still life you see". So, in answer to your question, what is most important in my artistic endeavors? Overlooking the notion that it's a loaded question, that it might actually not be important at all, I'd think that the MOST important part of what I do is about making an honest effort based on some aspect of integrity and growth as a person and as an artist. Take on a challenge, up my game, push further than I've ever been, get outside of the comfort zone. When I'm working from observation, this means learning to see and capture in new and more effective ways. In my abstract work, it means to find new and better ways to create the elusive surface between where my hand stops and the viewer is involved.

brian eppley said...

Thank you David Oleski for the quick and insightful response. It is a loaded question as was I when I offered it. To quote James Mcmurtry "Whisky doesn't make liars it just makes fools, I didn't mean to say it but I meant what I said".
I now have the shower, toilet, bed and tv installed in the sprinter and continue painting.
See you soon!