Tuesday, February 5, 2013

new stuff...it's been awhile since I posted

 the cows are all 6x6

 40"x30" revisited a Chicago scene. New size though.

A 24" x48" figure from my imagination. Hey.. it's not a dancer :) Just got back from the Chadds Ford paint out. Sold a piece but was too forgetful to get an image. My memory is suspect as is my vision. It helps me keep things loose.....


Sue Marrazzo said...

'Love the COWS!
They have such personality in these paintings!!!!

brian eppley said...

Thanks Sue! I do enjoy painting these characters

SamArtDog said...

Awww! Such sweet kids.

brian eppley said...

hey Sam.good to hear from you

gextongexton said...

Congratulations. How incredibly beautiful. They must be beyond thrilled to own your superb


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