Thursday, December 13, 2012

more cows

 6x6 oil/panel
Okay. I admit I'm on a cow fixation. Happens every winter. With any luck we'll get snow and I'll have my artist friend David Oleski video me doing some plein air cow stuff. Below is another studio piece and then....well I describe...
 6x6 oil/panel

 So this is how I start most paintings. Put in the darkest value first. It's amazing how quickly an image appears when you have a limited value range. Note there is no sketch. The painting is the sketch...

 Now I introduce the next value range paying attention to temperature. Just because it's dark doesn't mean it's cool!

 At this point I'm satisfied with the piece. Now for the background. Unlike landscape where it is important to establish a key these "portraits" are flexible. I go with a warm selection.

6x6 oil/panel

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