Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New work

Yes I've been working. I'm struggling with arranging photos in the blog so I'll break down each piece individually. The theme of this post is "If a picture is worth a thousand words than 2 words are worth a thousand pictures". The two words are self discovery.

This 16"x20" started as a plein air piece. Got it home and started fiddling in the studio. I think I managed to keep the light but completely changed the composition. It reads as a Harrisburg scene but really is a collage of many local perspectives. I'm certain that in the end what we see matters little and what we want to convey is critical to the individual. (Google Jungian Individuation)

 So this 8"x10" I did this evening. It's another backlit Harrisburg scene that I haven't touched in studio. It's from the same spot as the above piece almost. I'm trying to get some work in while there is a bit of color left in the foliage. Would I like to tweak this one? No

This 11"x14" was quite different on location. Too tight. A fellow artist said the original reminded him of Hopper. I suppose that was so. I tried to destroy any affiliation. Not because I don't like Hopper.

 This piece was posted before. I added some egrets for composition and visual interest. I think it works well as a painting. The plein air work has a more noticeable feel and light.

This is an untouched plein air piece from a few days ago.The Rockville bridge is a local historical object. I think that it's the longest stone railroad bridge in the states.

 I'm quite happy with this piece. It was done entirely en plein air. I heard a great interview with singer, songwriter, producer Joe Henry yesterday. When asked how he approaches writing he said basically he just sits down and starts writing having no idea where it's going. Much like writing a letter to his brother. As he starts writing the things he wants to say come to him. I feel the same way. Once paint hits canvas the dialogue begins. PS It's worth youtubing Joe Henry. Try the song Trampoline. Pause.... I haven't yet looked....


SamArtDog said...

You make a good case for less is more.
It probably says more about me (heaven knows what that is) than you, but I'm quite fond of both the Hoppery one and the barn.

brian eppley said...

hey Sam. I do dig the barn. I'm a timberframe geek so structure resonates. We're all just vibrating molecules at the atomic level

Ruth Andre said...

I love the graphic compositions and color in your paintings.