Thursday, June 16, 2011


11"x14" oil/birch linen

Driving to and from Chicago recently, I was unusually struck by the design feature of using shade trees to cool houses. Nothing new, but it resonated with me for some reason. The houses are all on the east side of the trees. Afternoon sun is much hotter than morning sun. I just remember all the bunches of trees and open spaces.

Just a first attempt here, but will continue to do work with this premise in mind.


Pajama Artist said...

I live in central Illinois--your painting is our landscape and is exactly like the farm scenes that I paint! Although you are considerably better at it than I am. :) I never noticed that the trees are on the west side of the houses, now I have to go look. And you captured the colors perfectly. Hope you can make it back to the Peoria art fair sometime.

brian eppley said...

Hi Pajama artist. Thanks for that. I enjoyed the Peoria show a couple years ago. There are so many shows that weekend it's tough to get back there. Not to mention getting through the jury process!