Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chester county studio tour

My apologies. The schedule is insane. I'm posting a shot of my booth at last weeks show which was incredibly fun by the way. David's wife fed us like we were royalty and the guests were treated the same way. Some work found loving homes and the weather was great. My painting process however is on hold. I'm on the road tomorrow to the Long Island Fine Art Festival in East Meadow NY. I have slurries mixed on the easels and can't wait to attack, but I must wait. I just found out I'm in the Alexandria fine art show this fall. Loriann, perhaps we can finally meet!


loriann said...

Yay! when?
PS your schedule is nuts...are you?

brian eppley said...

Hey Loriann. The Alexandria show is sept 11,12. I think thats close to your neck of the woods. Hopefully you'll be around. I'm of course partially nuts. Why else would we paint?

My apologies to the other commentor. When I moderated the message it didn't appear. Thank you anyways!