Saturday, September 5, 2009

4th and Boas

12"x24" oil/board

It's been awhile. 2 weeks ago hurricane Bill spared eastern long island so the Westhampton beach show was pretty good. Actually, it was brutally hot and the patrons commented that they just wanted to go home. But a couple of folks stuck it out. A week later tropical depression Danny? wasn't so kind. The cape cod show got hammered by rain. Saturday was cancelled and Sunday was greeted by a good 4 hours of heavy drizzle and rain. Needless to say not a whole lot happened.

I have this weekend off and am hosting artists Robert Barab and Peter Stolvoort. They are in the Long's Park show in Lancaster. I finally got in front of the easel today and did this piece. As of next weekend I am showing and competing every weekend through mid October. Next weekend I do the Bethany beach show Saturday and then come home and do Harrisburgs gallery walk on Sunday. We paint on the street as Gallery viewers walk from gallery to gallery and view plein air painters at work. I chose this subject because I plan on doing an arcitectural work Sunday. I did this one in studio and plan on trying it Sunday en plein air. I'm curious to see how the results differ. If anyone local wants to know the location it's on the corner of Boas and 4th st.'s.

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